MGP 2008 Gasworks Europe: Redevelopment, Site Management and Contaminant Issues of former MGP’s and other Tar Oil Polluted Sites

2008, 04.-06. März: Fachtagung, Dresden

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The international conference on the redevelopment of Manufactured Gas Plants (MGP) in Dresden, Germany addresses to the remediation of such sites by focusing on appropriate remediation technologies, risk assessment and legal issues, case studies, integrated strategies and fit for purposes approaches as well.

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The objective of this conference is to exchange experiences and ideas concerning the management of abandoned tar contaminated sites in general (MGP, wood preserving sites, coking plants). It will provide a platform for problem owners, site managers, companies being active in the field of remediation technologies, and community stakeholders.

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Scientific Committee:
Peter Werner, Germany
Iris Bernhardt, Germany
Gerhard Schäfer, France
Andreas Tiehm, Germany
Wojciech Adamski, Poland
Bernd Mahro, Germany
Volker Birke, Germany
Georg Teutsch, Germany
Andrew J. Coleman, USA
Dietmar Müller, Austria
Zdenek Filip, Czech Rep.
Jörg Frauenstein, Germany
Juliane Hollender,
John Ripp, USA
Frank Haeseler, France