About Us

The association “Forum für Abfallwirtschaft und Altlasten e.V.” was established in october 1995 to support the department of waste- and circular flow economy to fullfill its tasks applied research and doctrine in terms of financial and intellectual help.

Our main goals are:

  • developing a close connection between scientific and public authorities including industrial economie at national and international levels
  • Consulting and support of students at practical work while studying and passing over into there profession
  • supporting scientific career with various scolarships
  • organisation of symposia and publishing of scientific publications

By supporting the association via physical and interllectual aid the sustaining members provide an important contribution so we can fulfill our tasks even better. Of course there are various benefits for our sponsors and members, we like to mention some of them as followed:

  • possibility of activ influence in educational objectives dependend on requirements
  • by intermediation of graduates usefull connections can be made by members
  • discount on the attendance fee´s at all events organised by the association as well as a free copy of each of the publications released by the association
  • ongoing Informations about scientific and technical inovations within the range of wastemanagement and relics.
  • gathering of trainees and graduands for the company
  • possibility to perform conferences in collaboration with the association about specific and prevailing problems to meet your needs

It is self evident, that all your supportiv fees are tax deductible. If you are interrestet dont hesitate to CONTACT us.